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 The Forum Ranks

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PostSubject: The Forum Ranks   The Forum Ranks I_icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 11:11 am

The more you post, the higher your post count. And as your post count increases, your rank will change. I won't tell how many posts you need in order for your rank to change, but here are the regular ranks:

Starting Out...
Wikipedia Footnote
The Forum Ranks Wiki
Running Foot
The Forum Ranks Foot
Paper Pen
The Forum Ranks Paper
Cardboard Pen
The Forum Ranks Cardboard
Plastic Pen
The Forum Ranks Plastic
Glass Pen
The Forum Ranks Glass
Stone Pen
The Forum Ranks Stone
Iron Pen
The Forum Ranks Iron
Bronze Pen
The Forum Ranks Bronze
Silver Pen
The Forum Ranks Silver
Gold Pen
The Forum Ranks Gold
Obsidian Pen
The Forum Ranks Obsidian
Platinum Pen
The Forum Ranks Platinum
Mightier Than the Sword
The Forum Ranks Diamond

And for those who are very active in the forum (aka the post whores/top posters), there are two special ranks for the top posters:

Post Whore Queen
Post Whore King

(Notice that these titles are to no way degrade you, they are to honor you for your post count which is in no way a small feat to achieve)

Infirnex: Also:
The Forum Ranks Banned-2
The Forum Ranks Admin-2-1
The Forum Ranks Mod
Global Moderator
The Forum Ranks GMod-2
Chatbox Moderator
The Forum Ranks CBMod

If you have any suggestions on a new rank please leave it below

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The suffering weighing on my heart
The curse upon me my eternal burden
Wings stained midnight forevermore


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The Forum Ranks
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