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 This Pain. (Feel free to move if necessary)

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This Pain. (Feel free to move if necessary) Empty
PostSubject: This Pain. (Feel free to move if necessary)   This Pain. (Feel free to move if necessary) I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2011 10:15 am

Like a razor scraping the scabs on my wrist, my hand forms a fist, as the pain slowly sets in,

The blood runs down my arm and i exhale basking in the nanosecond of peace before you kick down the door to my mind and silently grin at me as though nothing is wrong.

You're always there, Here in my head, a constant reminder of that which i could not have, my expression of love was met with mockery and childs play,

As if i was foolish to feel such a way, I stretch the skin and feel my arm throb, i hate the pain, but i hate loving you more.

Hallucinations become frequent. like you're here, i could touch you, but when i try you fade away and theirs just me and this pain.

My guts turn over when i hear your voice in my head, That day i heard an angel cry, but this day i want to cry.

I pick the edges forcing another surge of delicious agony, and another second of peace from you. Maybe i should cry for help, maybe i should kill myself.

If hell exist, I'm am not far from it. I close my eyes and see yours flash behind while mindlessly sinking my teeth into my own wrist.

The coppery taste hits my tongue as i swallow it and my pain, the first tear in what feels like a lifetime falls from my face as the pain overwhelms me and i beg to be let go.
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This Pain. (Feel free to move if necessary)
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